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Amazon Glacier: A New Cheap Cloud Storage Service

August 21, 2012

Amazon has expanded its cloud offerings once again — this time offering to store a companys data for the low price of 1 penny per gigabyte per month.

The new service is called Amazon Glacier and its intended for backup and archival data. The kind of data a company needs to keep but doesnt have to access very often. This is stuff like e-mails, videos and other records that a company must hang on to for years to comply with various laws and regulations.

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Where IT is going: Cloud, mobile, and data

April 24, 2012

Cloud computing seems to often get used as a catch-all term for the big trends happening in IT.

This has the unfortunate effect of adding additional ambiguities to a topic that’s already laden with definitional overload. (For example, on a topic like security or compliance, it makes a lot of difference whether you’re talking about public clouds like Amazon’s, a private cloud within an enterprise, a social network, or some mashup of two or more of the above.)

However, I’m starting to see a certain consensus emerge about how best to think about the broad sense of cloud, which is to say IT’s overall trajectory. It doesn’t have a catchy name; when it’s labeled at all, it’s usually “Next Generation IT” or something equally innocuous. It views IT’s future as being shaped by three primary forces. While there are plenty of other trends and technology threads in flight, most of them fit pretty comfortably within this framework.

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Amazon cuts price of S3 cloud storage

February 8, 2012

By Mikael Ricknäs

Amazon Web Services has cut the cost of storing data using its Simple Storage Service S3, saving users with 50 TB stored on the service around 12 percent on their monthly bill, the company said.S3 users are charged monthly for the amount of storage they take up in Amazons cloud. Amazon has cut the cost of storage in its US Standard region from $0.14 per gigabyte per month to $0.125 for the first terabyte of data, and for the next 49 TB the cost is now $0.110 per gigabyte per month, instead of $0.125.

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