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Windows 8 slower out of gate than Windows 7, says report

November 30, 2012

Windows 8 is playing second fiddle to Windows 7, at least in Internet traffic, according to data out today from StatCounter.

Over the four-week period ending November 26, Windows 8 had grabbed a worldwide Internet usage share of just 1.31 percent, the Web traffic firm said.

In comparison, Windows 7 had achieved a global Internet usage share of 4.93 percent during the one month after its debut in October 2009.

Both operating systems officially launched in October during their respective years. However, both were also available as freely downloadable release candidates prior to their official debuts.

StatCounter’s Global Stats data is based on more than 15 billion page views per month (4 billion from the U.S. alone) on its network of more than 3 million Web sites. The information doesn’t provide a picture of Windows 8 sales but simply a take on how many devices powered by the new OS have been recorded by StatCounter.

The data also doesn’t include the critical holiday season, which should give Windows 8 a shot in the arm.

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Windows Blue is Microsoft’s future low-cost OS with yearly updates

November 28, 2012

Microsoft is busy preparing its next-generation Windows client, shortly after shipping Windows 8 in October. The Verge has learned from several sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans that the company is planning to standardize on an approach, codenamed Blue, across Windows and Windows Phone in an effort to provide more regular updates to consumers.

Originally unveiled by ZDNet, the update on the Windows side, due in mid-2013, will include UI changes and alterations to the entire platform and pricing. We’re told that Microsoft is aiming to make Windows Blue the next OS that everyone installs. The approach is simple, Microsoft will price its next Windows release at a low cost or even free to ensure users upgrade. Once Windows Blue is released, the Windows SDK will be updated to support the new release and Microsoft will stop accepting apps that are built specifically for Windows 8, pushing developers to create apps for Blue. Windows 8 apps will continue to run on Blue despite the planned SDK changes.

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Microsoft to raise Office server prices with new 2013 releases

November 27, 2012

December 1 is turning into a red-letter day for Microsoft customers, and not in a good way.

Microsoft is increasing prices on User not Device client-access licenses as of December 1, as I blogged yesterday. But it looks like the Redmondians also will be raising prices on a number of Office server products compared to their predecessors on that date, as well.

While its not unusual to charge more for more functionality, there seems to be other factors at work here. Even though its official message is users have choices, Microsoft is trying to wean consumers and business users away from on-premises Office software and onto cloud-hosted and/or subscription-based alternatives. One way the company is attempting this is by making on-premises software more expensive and offering lower prices on subscription-based options, like Office 365 Home Premium, Office 365 Small Business Premium, Office 365 Mid-Size Business, etc.

Read more via Microsoft to raise Office server prices with new 2013 releases | ZDNet.

Microsoft Updates Windows 8, Internet Explorer 9 in Patch Tuesday

November 14, 2012

Microsoft fixed 19 vulnerabilities in November’s Patch Tuesday update, four in Internet Explorer 9, and three in all versions of the Windows operating system, including the brand-new Windows 8.

The company released six bulletins, four of which have been rated critical, according to the Patch Tuesday notification advisory. Microsoft said the update for Internet Explorer (MS12-071) and all versions of the Windows operating system (MS12-075) were the most urgent.

Microsoft has released 76 patches so far for 2012, well below the number of patches released in 2011 and 2010, which is a “win” for IT administrators, said Wolfgang Kandek, CTO of Qualys.

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With Windows 8 done, Microsoft’s Sinofsky makes his exit

November 13, 2012

After seeing Windows 8 through development, Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky is moving on from the company.

Sinofsky made his mark at Microsoft as the head of the Windows and Windows Live division, overseeing the operating system during its most radical shift in years. He often opened Microsoft events, taking the stage to introduce the system he shepherded to release as well as the company’s tablet computer, the Surface.

He took over the Windows division in 2006, after the company released the much-panned Windows Vista. After seeing much better success with Windows 7 in 2009, he followed that with the release of Windows 8 — a system completely redesigned for use with touchscreens — in October.

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Microsoft Office For Android, iOS In The Works

November 8, 2012

Microsoft is preparing a new mobile version of Microsoft Office for the Android and iOS platforms. The productivity suite might arrive as soon as March 2013 for iOS and May 2013 for Android.

Reports suggesting that Microsoft would offer Office to platforms that compete with its own Windows Phone have long been in circulation. Today’s report comes from The Verge, which claims to have details from several sources close to Microsoft’s plans.

Microsoft Office will be made available to Android and iOS devices first as free applications. These free apps, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, will require a Microsoft account. They will be limited to read-only, meaning Android and iOS device owners won’t be able to make changes to the documents, presentations or spreadsheets.

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Microsoft, Google earnings will tell a lot today

October 18, 2012

Tech titans Microsoft and Google kick off the closely watched third-quarter technology earnings season after the stock market closes at 4 p.m. ET today.

Their results will are widely anticipated because they will shed light on how technology spending, on personal computers in the case of Microsoft and online ads with Google, is faring heading into the critical fourth quarter.

The timing is especially critical for Microsoft (MSFT), as the languishing tech giant prepared to unleash one of its more aggressive slates of new products in years. They include a new version of Windows, called Windows 8, and the latest iteration of its smartphone operating system called Windows Phone.

“With the Windows 8 launch, there are many unknowns,” says Andrew Lange, analyst at Morningstar.

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Microsoft Office for Windows RT: How to move to a commercial-use license

October 17, 2012

Some wording in the fine print of the Microsoft Surface 2013 pre-order page, which went live on October 16, set off alarm bells for some users who are considering use the tablet/PC devices at work.

As we’ve known for a while, Windows RT devices, including Surface RT, will include a preview version of Office Home & Student 2013 RT, which will be upgradable to the final via Windows Update in early November. What many of us didn’t fully realize when we first noted this was that the Home & Student RT version of Office isn’t licensed for commercial use.

This version of Office — which includes ARM versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote only, is “not for use in commercial, nonprofit, or revenue-generating activities. Commercial license options available (sold separately).”

What are these mysterious “commercial license options” about which Microsoft officials haven’t officially spoken?

Read more via Microsoft Office for Windows RT: How to move to a commercial-use license | ZDNet.

Microsoft Officially Announces Pricing For Surface Tablets

October 17, 2012

Microsoft is finally entering the tablet market with the Surface Tablet line that will run their new tablet specific OS, Windows RT. On Tuesday, the Seattle based tech giant announced pricing and specs for their first Surface branded tablet line.

The official release date of the Surface line is October 26 at price points ranging from $499 to $699. The $499 ‘entry level’ model with be a 32 GB version. $599 will get you a 32 GB version with a black Touch cover. The top of the line model will sell for $699 with 64 GB and a black Touch cover.

The Touch Cover is one of the main features of the Surface tablet. It attaches to the tablet magnetically and doubles as a keyboard. Microfsoft will also sell these covers separately in several colors black, white, magenta, cyan and red for $119. They’re also selling a cover called the Type Cover which is a little thicker and feels more like a traditional keyboard. These are only in black and are sold for $129.

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Microsoft Retail Stores Will Rival Apple Stores

October 3, 2012

As rumors of a Surface phone crop up, I’m increasingly convinced that Microsoft is restructuring its marketing strategy to route consumer products through its own line of branded stores. The suckers who have implemented Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 were merely test marketers for what will eventually become a Microsoft-branded phone, possibly made by the same Foxconn facility as Apple’s iPhone.

Many people, until recently, were predicting that Microsoft would simply buy Nokia, which currently has a market value of just under $10 billion. But why should Microsoft buy an aggravated company and then try to shoehorn it into its own operations when it can simply work with a monster like Foxconn and avoid managing a Finnish phone company? Besides, if it is going to set up its own channels of distribution using the Microsoft stores, it does not need all the infrastructure and distribution channels developed by Nokia.

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