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The world may be cloud-crazy, but Outlook for Mac is stuck on Earth

August 14, 2012

Store your data in the cloud and have it accessible to you from any computer, anywhere. That’s the pitch we hear more and more from companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft. So how is it that all of these companies allow Outlook for Mac 2011 to remain absurdly earthbound?

I’m a long-time Outlook user on Windows, now working with Outlook full-time on the Mac. Even though Gmail is my email provider (the Google Apps version of it), I find Outlook a better way to interact with Gmail than using Gmail directly through the web.

No, I’m not crazy (but if you love Gmail’s web interface, more power to you). In a future column, I’ll explain exactly why Outlook (either for Windows or Mac) is a perfect paring with Gmail, especially for its excellent offline support and the easy ability to open and manage multiple email windows.

That’s a story for another time. For now, the point is that when it comes to syncing email, Outlook loves the cloud. When it comes to syncing other data that users create and store in Outlook, the program falls short on the Mac-side. Painfully short.

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Why Mountain Lion Just Became the Ultimate Cord-Cutting OS

July 26, 2012

Mountain Lion, the latest version of Apple’s OS X desktop operating system, went public Wednesday to the delight of Mac users everywhere. But while the world fawns over updates to Safari and a number of features cribbed from iOS, most people are skipping over perhaps the most significant update of all: AirPlay Mirroring.

Don’t look now, but Apple just created a formidable cord-cutting platform. The new operating system can change the way we watch video in the living room, and might even compel some users to finally cancel their cable and satellite services. Any video content that’s available for the computer can now be just as easily watched on an HDTV. All you need is a Mac running Mountain Lion, and a $100 Apple TV.

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Apple Debuts New Maps App, Sets July Release for Mountain Lion OS

June 11, 2012

The annual geek hajj known as Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference began this morning in San Francisco, with the company delivering the expected array of both minor and major upgrades and new product announcements to several thousand of its most ardent fans and developers.

Apple (AAPL) announced a new line of laptops, details of its upcoming Mountain Lion and iOS 6 operating systems, new hooks into social networks like Twitter and, for the first time, Facebook (FB) and mapping software that finally helps to kick its addiction to the popular mapping tools of its primary rival, Google (GOOG).

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Kaspersky: Mac security is ’10 years behind Microsoft’

April 25, 2012

Forrester’s CEO isn’t the only one spouting doom and gloom for Apple today.Now Eugene Kaspersky, the CEO of security firm Kaspersky Lab, says Apple is headed for a rough patch. However, this one’s in the world of computer security, and he says Apple is already getting into the thick of it.

Speaking to Computer Business Review at Info Security 2012 show in London this week, Kaspersky said that when it comes to computer security, Apple’s Mac platform was a decade behind Microsoft’s, and that it’s got some things to learn from its rival.

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Mac Trojan ‘SabPub’ Exploits Java and Microsoft Office

April 16, 2012

Over the weekend, security vendors discovered another information-stealing Trojan in the wild, targeting Tibetan sympathizers with vulnerabilities in Java and Microsoft Word.

Two versions of SabPub were discovered in the wild this past weekend, flying undedected for about two months now. Kaspersky’s Costin Raiu wrote in a blog post that SabPub was probably written by the LuckyCat authors.

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Apple fixes Rosetta problems with new security update

February 5, 2012

When Apple released its security update for Snow Leopard in conjunction with the OS X 10.7.3 update, a number of people found that it broke the Rosetta dynamic translator that is required for running PowerPC applications on that version of OS X.

By Topher Kessler
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