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Microsoft Office For Android, iOS In The Works

November 8, 2012

Microsoft is preparing a new mobile version of Microsoft Office for the Android and iOS platforms. The productivity suite might arrive as soon as March 2013 for iOS and May 2013 for Android.

Reports suggesting that Microsoft would offer Office to platforms that compete with its own Windows Phone have long been in circulation. Today’s report comes from The Verge, which claims to have details from several sources close to Microsoft’s plans.

Microsoft Office will be made available to Android and iOS devices first as free applications. These free apps, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, will require a Microsoft account. They will be limited to read-only, meaning Android and iOS device owners won’t be able to make changes to the documents, presentations or spreadsheets.

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Apple legal win bumps up stock and, possibly, business

August 27, 2012

Apple’s legal patent victory against Samsung has already boosted the stock and paves the way for higher gains in market share for the next-generation iPhone, analysts say.

Apple shares are up about $14, or two percent, following the company’s legal win against Samsung last Friday.

On Friday, a jury found that Samsung had infringed on several mobile device patents owned by the iPhone maker, awarding Apple more than $1 billion in damages.

This morning’s jump pushed Apple’s stock to a new intraday high around $676 per share. On the flip side, the stock of Android OS maker Google dipped about 1.3 percent in morning trading to around $669.

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Apple Debuts New Maps App, Sets July Release for Mountain Lion OS

June 11, 2012

The annual geek hajj known as Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference began this morning in San Francisco, with the company delivering the expected array of both minor and major upgrades and new product announcements to several thousand of its most ardent fans and developers.

Apple (AAPL) announced a new line of laptops, details of its upcoming Mountain Lion and iOS 6 operating systems, new hooks into social networks like Twitter and, for the first time, Facebook (FB) and mapping software that finally helps to kick its addiction to the popular mapping tools of its primary rival, Google (GOOG).

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Apple Siri Integration Coming to 9 Automakers

June 11, 2012

During today’s opening keynote at the World Wide Developer’s Conference, Apple listed nine automakers that are set to bring Siri into cars within the next year.

A single slide showing a BMW dashboard with an iPhone mounted front and center illustrated the “Eyes Free” approach of the integration, and it’s assumed that existing voice buttons – normally found on the steering wheel – would be able to call up the iPhone’s virtual assistant.

In addition to BMW, Audi, Chrysler, Honda, General Motors, Jaguar, Land Rover and Toyota were all listed as bring Siri functionality to their wares.

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Yahoo’s Axis Brings Shared Visual Search Results to iOS and Browsers

May 23, 2012

Searching the Internet is still a very text-heavy endeavor. You type in a search term and wade through pages of text links — hoping the one you finally click is what you’re looking for. Yahoo aims to fix that.

Yeah, Yahoo.

Yahoo’s Axis visual search app and browser extension replaces text-based search results with visual representations of pages. The results appear in a carousel similar to Apple’s Cover Flow navigation in OS X, and can be synced between multiple devices on the same account. For example, a search that begin on an iPhone can be continued on a Windows computer with the Axis browser extension installed.

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