Hands On With Windows 8 Release Preview: Its All About the Apps

Windows users are one step closer to getting a major system facelift — and if today’s release of Microsoft’s latest OS build tells us anything, it’s that the company is putting the system’s strongest focus on home-grown software.

We’ve already spent a lot of quality time with Microsoft’s Windows 8 “Consumer Preview”, which was released last February, but today the company made its near-final Windows 8 “Release Preview” available to the public.

The Release Preview comes a bit earlier than originally announced, but there’s no shortage of new and improved features, most of which focus on lean-and-mean Metro apps. Just don’t expect anything astonishingly different in terms of system architecture, as the majority of changes in this latest Windows 8 iteration center around software additions and performance improvements.

While this is the last public preview before Windows 8′s final release anticipated to arrive in October, that doesn’t mean the new build is completely bug-free. I’ve spent the last day and a half with the Release Preview — more technically termed build 8400 — on a Samsung Series 9 ultrabook provided by Microsoft. The new build works a lot smoother than the Consumer Preview, and there’s much to look forward to. But the Windows 8 team also has quite a bit of work ahead of it.

Read more via Hands On With Windows 8 Release Preview: Its All About the Apps | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

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